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Bear has some of the best technical SEO on the internet. A quick lighthouse audit will attest to this fact with a 100% score (assuming the content is reasonably laid out on your page).

There are reams of articles on the internet on how to do SEO well, but in aggregate there are 2 things you need to know:

1. Make sure the technical SEO aspects of your site are sound

2. Write good content which people will share

It is also debatable that a having your own .com domain is better than using a shared or subdomained host, or using cheaper tlds like .me or .coffee.

Technical SEO

Bear populates all of the necessary meta tags, social tags, and opengraph content automatically. There is also a robots.txt file and sitemap.xml which autogenerate on every update to your site.

Bear is also extraordinarily fast (which, it turns out, is good for SEO), with only about 2-5kb of content per page, and zero client-side rendering.

When a page or post is published the only fields that need to be populated are the title and page content. The meta_description is automatically set as the first 160 characters of the page content. This works well, however it is advisable to set the meta_description manually in the page header in order to better describe the content of the page. This is good for SEO but more-so for previews in messaging apps and search engine results.

Write good content

The algorithms (or, let's be entirely honest, machine learning models) that govern online discoverability for search engines have shifted in recent years. Back in the day some strategic keyword stuffing could get you a long way, but no-more. The best way to be discovered online is to create decent content which people will read, deem valuable, and either share or create a backlink to on their own channels.

This increases your website's domain authority while also adding value to the world. Unfortunately the algorithms haven't quite figured out how to disregard SEO goop, but they're working on it.

How to not do SEO

Backlink stuffing is shitty and has negative consequences. It used to be be beneficial to create (or purchase from Fiverr) as many low-quality backlinks as possible in order to bump up your domain authority. However, the algorithms now classifies this activity as spamming and penalise the content and links. Don't do this.

Keyword stuffing has also proven to be an old-school method of SEO that just doesn't work any longer.


  1. Write good content
  2. Write a good meta_description
  3. Don't spam