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Note: Email lists are only available to upgraded blogs

The email list tool allows blogs just starting out or with a small audience to create an email newsletter list. However, Bear does not send emails when you post on your blog. You will need to send emails to your subscribers manually (outlined below).

Sending emails

For more than 150 subscribers

If you have a larger number of subscribers and want to improve your newsletter, consider using email services like EmailOctopus or Buttondown. You can import your existing email list from Bear.

It is recommended that if you're using an external email service that you add the service's subscribe form embed to the content or footer of your blog as opposed to the Bear subscriber signup embed.

For fewer than 150 subscribers

If you have fewer than 150 subscribers, you can send emails from your personal email address. Add all the subscribers to the BCC field in the email. in the email. Make sure to only use the BCC field and not CC or To fields.

Add subscriber signup

Include the following snippet in your blog posts, navbar, or home page:

Subscribe to my blog via [email](/subscribe/) or [RSS feed](/feed/).

Subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed.

Or include the actual form in your content:

#### Subscribe to my blog

{{ email-signup }}

Subscribe to my blog