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Sending emails

Note: Email lists are only available to upgraded blogs

Bear is not an email tool (although there are aspirations to be). It captures emails for you to import into your own email service.

Add subscriber signup

Include the following snippet in your blog posts, navbar, or home page:

Subscribe to my blog via [email](/subscribe/) or [RSS feed](/feed/).

Subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed.

Or include the actual form in your content:

#### Subscribe to my blog

{{ email-signup }}

Subscribe to my blog

Some suggestions on sending emails:

For fewer than 500 subscribers

If you have fewer than 500 subscribers you can send them an email from your personal email address by adding them all in the BCC field in the email. Make sure that you only add contacts to the BCC field and not CC or To fields.

For more than 500 subscribers

If you're doing very well, have a decent amount of subscribers, and want to take your newsletter game to the next level, you can use EmailOctopus, or TinyLetter as your email client of choice. Simply export your list on Bear and import it into the email service.