ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ Bear docs


The navigation section uses standard markdown for handling links.

The following is a set of 2 links, the first linking to the root / and the second linking to the list of posts /blog/:

To have the blog list as your homepage, leave the content (everything below the ___) of your homepage empty.

[Home](/) [Blog](/blog/) [RSS](/feed/)

Home Blog RSS

To add a page as a link, set up the page in Posts and use the link as the link address:

[Home](/) [Projects](/projects/)

Home Projects

Adding external links works similarly:

[Home](/) [Example](https://example.com)

Home Example

And finally, using custom Bear markdown syntax for adding external links:

[Home](/) [Example](tab:https://example.com)

Home Example

For linking to content on the same page (internal linking) you can specify the id of a heading or subheading as a hash-value. Eg: # Subsection 2 will automatically have an id of subsection-2. This can be linked to like this:

[Subsection 2 link](#subsection-2)