ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ Bear docs

Anatomy of the home page

All blog information needs to be at the top of the content above the line separator, with each item on a separate line.

If the content (everything below the line separator) is left empty it will show the blog list.

title: Baloo's blog
bear_domain: baloo.bearblog.dev
custom_domain: baloothebear.com
favicon: 🐻
meta_description: Look for the bear necessities
meta_image: https://i.imgur.com/3jxqrKP.jpeg
lang: en
date_format: d M, Y
custom_meta_tag: <meta name='bear-id' content='baloo' />

Hello, I am Baloo the bear and I'm a minimalist. 


The title will show at the top of the blog and in all blog references.


optional (default: your username)

This is the .bearblog.dev web address. For example herman.bearblog.dev



Adding a custom domain requires upgrading your blog. You'll need to set up your DNS records as described here.


optional (default: 🐻)

Add any emoji as a favicon.


optional (default: first 160 characters of content)

This is the description of the blog that shows up in search engines or when links are shared in messenger apps or social media. If no meta description is set, it will default to the first 160 characters of the content of the homepage.



This is a link to an image that will display when the link to this blog is shared on social media or in messenger apps.


optional (default: en)

The html lang attribute to specify the language of the blog.


*optional (default: d M, Y)

Set the format that dates show up on the blog. d M, Y* renders as 22 May, 2023, where Y-m-d** will render as 2023-05-22. More date formats here.



This tag can be used for validating domain ownership with third-party services (like email capture). The structure of a meta tag is strictly <meta name='' property='' content='' />


Content is all the text below the line separator. This is written in Markdown and will be parsed to HTML when the page is rendered.

Filtered lists of posts (eg: Latest blog posts) can be inserted using these methods.

Blog attributes can also be referenced in content by using the following parameters:

{{ blog_title }}
{{ blog_description }} 
{{ blog_link }}
{{ blog_created_date }}
{{ blog_last_modified }} ago
{{ blog_last_posted }} ago